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Signature Services

Signature Services

Many families today are choosing to celebrate life in a lighter more personalized way:

     Funerals and Memorial Services: From gift baskets to wine and cheese gatherings, many families are choosing to host an event for family and friends in lieu of, or in addition to calling hours. Bringing people together in a comfortable environment while providing food and beverage creates an opportunity for people to reconnect.  These people may not have seen each other for a long time, and may not have the chance to see each other for a long time again. We have recently completed remodeling that conveniently provides a comfortable facility for serving food and beverages. These new spaces have been designed with custom cabinetry, granite countertops and mini fridges. A brand new space, which is just off the off the lobby, has been designed as a community room and has the flexibility to be used for catering, or a children's room, or a casual gathering. Feel free to bring in your own food and beverage. Or, if you prefer, we have a list of local caterers and we are happy to work with you to order something locally.

•       Special Places scattering memorial: Is there a special place that you feel is representative of the deceased? With the choice of cremation, arrangements can be made for scattering of ashes to be made as part of the personalized tribute.  This can occur at a convenient time for the family/friends to gather.

•       Military: If your loved one was an eligible military member, you may choose to honor them with Military Funeral Honors. We are happy to assist with arranging those details with the respective military branch.

•       Sports/Golf Logos: For the “raging fan”, consider a display of their favorite team or sport memorabilia. Sharing their love of interests can make for a very personal tribute.

•       Photo Collage:  We will provide a free DVD of up to 50 photos as a lasting tribute of your loved one. This can be displayed during visitation or during your choice of when appropriate and also viewed from this website.

•       Musicians: Arrange for special musicians such as bagpipe, harpist, pianist, organist, vocalist, etc.
•       Music: The choice of service music is directly reflective of your loved ones personality. It can be as classic and comforting as a favorite church hymn or as contemporary as your favorite rock group or Broadway melody. We are happy to help you personalize the music choices that best suit your loved one.

•       Rolls Royce: As part of Hill Funeral Home’s unique amenities, we offer the classic and elegant ride of a Rolls Royce Limousine as part of our services (seasonally available).

•       Memory Table: Consider sharing pictures, awards and trophies as well as meaningful personal items.

•       Avid Hobbyist: Have members of your loved one’s club or organization provide a meaningful participation. For example, car or motorcycle club members could have everyone come with their vehicle. A garden club could bring a special flower display.