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Frank was extremely helpful with getting the arrangements made as it all had to be done by cellphone while we were traveling from Arizona to Ohio. He went out of his way to accommodate our family and all of our wishes. Even a last minute rose for granddaughter to place on the casket to a map to a reception lunch after the grave side service. I could not have been more pleased.



Our Monument mission is to provide you with the best values in quality affordable headstones, memorials and monuments. Our monument sales have very limited overhead costs and unlike a monument only company, we don’t have salesmen commissions contributing to the cost. We pass those saving on to the families we serve.

Selecting a Memorial - Many families find selecting a memorial somewhat overwhelming as there are many decisions to be made. The best thing to do is to break down the decisions into manageable pieces.

1: The first decision to be made is the style of memorial you would like. Some cemeteries have restrictions and regulations which could determine what you can have. By identifying the cemetery, we can let you know what your options are and the type of memorials your cemetery allows.

2: Each cemetery also has a charge for either the installation of a marker or a concrete foundation which will support the memorial so it won’t sink or tilt over the years. We will order and pay for those services on your behalf. The exact cost of that service will be itemized and added to your order.

3: Once the style of memorial has been determined, there are several other decisions which will each play a factor in the cost of your memorial.

  • Size - As in most items you purchase, the size of the memorial is an important factor. Typically the larger the memorial the more it will cost, however;
  • Color – Once you have determined a size, the price can double from the least expensive to the most expensive granite. As you walk through a cemetery, you will see a rainbow of colors from which memorials are made. Each color represents a different quarry from around the world. Hill Funeral Home purchases granite from all over the United States and Canada, as well as China, India, Africa, Europe, and South America.
  • Quality of granite – With all those colors available, there are differences in quality. Some granites absorb moisture and will darken in areas. Other granites can have deposits of iron ore, which can oxidize on the surface and cause unsightly spots over time. Other granites are large grained and not suitable for memorialization as the engraving does not present itself well. Hill Funeral Home offers only quality granites we can guarantee.
  • Shape – Modern manufacturing methods have allowed the shapes of many memorials to vary tremendously, at costs less than were available in past years. The options of shapes seems to be limitless.
  • Polish and Surface Treatments – There are several different types of finish which can be applied to granite. Historically, the more polish on a memorial, the more expensive it would be.
  • Lettering and Design – There are many types of designs and letters which are standard and are included in the price of a memorial. To be sure your memorial is exactly the way you want it to be, we provide a final drawing of every memorial.
  • Personalization – Hill Funeral Home can also provide personalization of memorials. Special sandblasted designs, hand etched, laser etched designs are all ways we offer to personalize your memorial. Whether it be a portrait, a vacation home, a favorite hobby, a carving of that car he worked for years to restore, a religious or cultural symbol, or anything you might think of to make the memorial special – we can convert any idea or artwork into beautiful and permanent memorial art.