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Pre Planning & Pre Need

Our family has selected Frank E. Hill funeral Home 3 times previously and will continue with them. Not only Frank Hill, but his staff are excellent. I have my funeral prearrangement there.


Pre Planning & Pre Need

The idea behind funeral planning is simply that one day a great deal of vital information about you will be needed by your family and anyone whose responsibility it is to assist them. There's no doubt that those who plan ahead are more comfortable knowing not only that their personal wishes will be fulfilled, but also that unnecessary difficulties can be avoided.

Both you and your loved ones can benefit when funeral arrangements are made well in advance of need. By discussing plans in advance, you can take all the time necessary to make the most satisfactory decisions regarding the type of ceremony and burial procedures preferred. A carefully planned funeral service can also be the most comforting to your family. It can spare them from facing decisions that can be so difficult at a time of death. And it can give them lasting peace of mind knowing they've acted in accordance with your wishes. Although not required when making pre arrangements, many people choose to set aside funds that will cover their future funeral expenses.

We encourage you to discuss your thoughts and decisions with your family and call us if you have additional questions. Planning ahead basically involves three separate steps. First, recording all the necessary biographical information needed at the time of need. Second, the selection of type of service and burial products preferred. Simply fill out the following form and our staff, who have been specifically trained to guide you through the pre-planning process with every service and option described in detail, will contact you. All options can be itemized for your review and financial arrangements can be discussed. But making the commitment to pre-plan is your most important first step.

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