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Coronavirus Update : 

Masks are required in our facility

In today’s unprecedented global health crisis, we are being asked how families can best manage funeral arrangements should a need arise. First and foremost:  My husband Frank, son Jon, myself and staff are dedicated members of this community.  As such, we are committed to caring for the health and safety of the families we serve, the members of our community, and our staff.

Video Streaming/Video Uploading

It’s important to look for funeral options that balance the capacity to keep family and friends safe in this time of social distancing, while honoring a life of someone we have cared about. One solution is that we have stepped up our ability to provide video streaming and/or video uploading. This allows for families at loss to come together with those whom we count on for support, and those wishing to be a part of a final good-bye.  Both streaming and uploading provide participation in a final tribute. We have taken this opportunity to upgrade our equipment to state of the art video and sound.

How safe and secure are we in your facility?

We take very seriously the recommendations of the CDC. We have sufficient supplies of tissues, hand sanitizer, and soap and are sanitizing our public areas daily, with some hard surface areas such as door handles and  bathroom fixtures being cleaned multiple times a day. 

Am I at risk to go to a funeral for someone who died of COVID-19?

There have been no recorded cases of COVID-19 passing from the body of a deceased to a living person, and there is no scientific evidence suggesting that this is possible. 

How are families handling visitation and services?

Many families are opting to privately come together with limited visitors. If you are members of a church and wish to utilize their staff and facilities, we will need to get in touch with your house of worship to see what they provide. Some families are postponing Memorial Services, or Celebrations of Life, until a later date. With regards to calling hours, we are asking people to call in to make a reservation for calling hours.  In addition to immediate family, 30 people per half hour will be admitted for visitation.  

Do we need to delay burial until a later date?

Homeland Security has designated mortuary workers (this includes cemeteries and funeral homes) as CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE WORKERS. We remain open to serve you in your time of need

Our family and staff are committed to providing your family with dignified, compassionate service. It is always valuable to remember that a funeral is a rite of passage allowing family and friends to remember and pay tribute to a life that has touched them in a significant way. Although video may not be as comforting as being there in person, it can still accomplish a means of connection which is so vital in a grief journey.

Realizing that any recommendations are fluid, and guidelines continually evolve, we will do our best to keep this information up to date at all times. We are here to provide professional guidance through these options while serving the wishes and needs of the family and our community. Please call us with any questions you might have. Thank you, and we look forward to serving you.