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Frank, you have met our every expectation. Thank you for your professional yet loving Care.  A.L.


My husband had cancer and was very jaundiced. The care that Hill Funeral Home took with him from before leaving our home to the viewing was remarkable.  I felt lke they were so respectful of our feelings.  P.L.


Mom and I would like to thank you for  all you did to make this difficult time easier.  The funeral was beautiful and your care was felt. Thank you, also, for giving us a good price. That will help a lot. The work you did made a difference.  Thank You! GR & LM


The experience was exceptionally comforting - all staff are very professional and very caring. They made the entire process so easy on us. It allowed us to celebrate and to grieve and not be worried abut any details. CS


What was most memorable was the respect for my mother when she was picked up at our home. 


The staff was tremendously supportive and understanding. BF


We loved the remodeled space; family gather ing space was awesome! BS


Mr. Frank Hill was so kind I would tell anyone who has to go through this to go to Hill’s Funeral Home. They are all wonderful. BH


The most memorable thing was the ease of everything.  JW

Frank Hill took care of so much. We really felt like we were in expert hands. Little things we mentioned about our Mom were included in the service.and presentation. He was very, very kind. Genuinely kind. What I remember most was how attentive the entire staff was to our family.  S. H.

The fact that the opened up the facility to do everything I wanted, especially the ability to bring in food (snacks) & coffee and they had the perfect place to thot this plus a large room to accommodate the number of people which showed up. All of the staff was so helpful and compassionate. I also was "blown away" by the wonderful job they did with the pictures that were shown. Would recommend them to everyone.  S. H. 1/4/17


What I appreciated most was their anticipation. They knew what I needed before I did. S.M.


The most memorable things were the video at the Funeral Home and the arrangement of the room. P.C.


The Celebration of life with family and friends was wonderful. B.B.


What was most memorable was the care shown at first contact (6:00 a.m.) when I needed help knowing what to do. Everything was professional, caring and helpful.  D.W.


Everyone was very helpful. N.V


Our family has selected Frank E. Hill funeral Home 3 times previously and will continue with them. Not only Frank Hill, but his staff are excellent. I have my pre arrangements there. R.Z.


Hill’s Funeral has done an excellent job for all of the services we have used them for. What is most memorable is the comfort of Hill’s knowing my family. Frank did an outstanding job helping oiur family with all of the arrangements. He is attentive and in tune with what is needed in a very difficult time of need. M.S.


Frank and his staff are top of the line!  They are the best!! The most memorable experience was the care for my daughter. S.S.


I would recommend Hill Funeral Services to all of our friends. Highly esteemed in our town. Professionalism, understanding, caring. C.C.


Most memorable was the extreme kindness, consideration and assistance offered by Frank Hill. R.R.

4/26/16.  Frank was very helpful and took care of everything. Frank did a great job as did his crew. So helpful during a very difficult time. He had everything arranged on the phone in one phone call. GOOD PEOPLE. M.F.


Most memorable: Calm atmosphere and staff demeanor and no pressure to make decisions-given time to reflect and decide. R.M.


I sent my husband’s remains home so he could be put to rest with his family in Westerville. Thank you for making it possible to conduct a graveside service and burial while I was there to provide support to my Father-in-law during our time of grief.  I appreciate the loving kindness you gave to our family.  K.S.