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Obituary for Dale Landes

Dale Landes 1968-2022

Dale Landes

12/19/1968 - 04/27/2022


Condolence From: Elnora Webb
Condolence: ”God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things has passed away.” (Revelation 21:3,4)

Wednesday May 11, 2022

Condolence From: Tammy (Tam) McDermitt, Worthington, Ohio
Condolence: I'm so deeply saddened for Dale's family and loved ones. I've struggled so hard to understand why, why Dale, why so soon. I've been angry, sad, blaming, and just plain devastated by this great loss. I've known Dale for all my life except 18 years of it. When I became a Landes, Dale became my little brother. I watched him grow up from a fun-loving always caring kid to a great great fun loving varing man. He found the love of his life Betsy had a beautiful daughter Hannah who is just like him by the way and they've lived life to the absolute fullest together since then.

Even when I was no longer a part of the family by marriage Dale still when he'd see me have the same loving hugs (the kind that just put you back together again), the most ditinct happy laugh, same caring heart, and made me feel so loved and so comfortable no matter the situation. He didn't stop loving my family either, he loved them just the same, he loved us all. He'd always want to make sure I was doing ok, gave me those Dale hugs we all know and love, a kiss on the cheek, and end with Love ya Tam.

Dale never stopped being my little Brother. The last chat we had was in text right before Christmas. Here he's battling for his life yet apologizing to me for not getting back to me sooner, that's so Dale, never wanted to put anyone out or hurt their feelings but would be there for you no matter what the cost to himself. I told him I loved my little brother dearly and my little brother told me he loved me dearly too. That is priceless to me.
If you knew Dale you loved him, no matter how long or short it was he just affects your life in the most positively profound way. He was such a great role model for his family and so many others. He treated his great-nephew and niece (my Grandkids) as his own Grands as well, he loved so hard and fiercley. He was the kindest, most loving devoted husband, father, son, brother, Uncle, surrogate Grandpa, and friend any of us could ever ask for.
In closing I've finally realized after praying to God for help and understanding, and please forgive me for my anger is that I can't change this, I can't fix it, I have to stop being angry, stop blaming, stop asking why. What I see so clearly now is that if we all, every single one of us is even just a little more like my brother Dale Landes, he will live on through us all forever and this world will be a better place because of it.
I love you my little brother, I will miss you greatly, I already do. Until we meet again Dale boy

Love your big sis, Tam

Wednesday May 04, 2022

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