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Obituary for Gertrude "Trudy" Tear Plummer

Gertrude "Trudy" Tear Plummer 1929-2021

Gertrude "Trudy" Tear Plummer

04/30/1929 - 03/28/2021


Condolence From: Janet Lander Hoyt, McMurray, PA
Condolence: Trudy Plummer’s comment on my paper submitted in her senior English Composition class impacted me forever. It alone haunts me (in a good way) among the critiques received from numerous writing professors that succeeded her: “Delete obfuscation.”
In her honor, I won’t elaborate much, or aspire to choose multi-syllabic words that others won’t understand. She was an exceptional teacher: perceptive, communicative, interesting and funny. She changed, or at least improved, so many students lives and minds, including mine.
She will never be forgotten.
NHS 1974

Friday April 19, 2024

Condolence From: Mike Stasko, Columbus, OH
Condolence: Mrs. Plummer was one of my favoritest English teachers at Northland High School. She sometimes took us outside for class, and one time had us kids over to her house. I wish I had known her past high school, but I'm happy she had such a wonderful life.

Tuesday April 18, 2023

Condolence From: Matthew Jeffers, Columbus, Ohio
Condolence: I am so sorry to hear of her passing, but not for the memories she left me. I was never fond, nor good, in English class mainly because I never understood it - not until I had her at Northland High School. She discovered that I loved Latin; and that is when she showed me how to merge the thing(s) I like with those that I did not. Not only did she make me a better student, but a better person! 40+ years later I am still using the little tricks she showed me, not only in English but in life in general. Requiescat In Pace Mrs. Plummer - NHS '81

Tuesday January 10, 2023

Condolence From: Sharon Vogt
Condolence: She taught us by example to think critically, explore deeply and creatively. She and Violet are The shining lights of my high school years. Though I am just seeing this a year after, I hope her family receives some small measure of comfort knowing how much she was loved by others.
NHS '69

Wednesday September 21, 2022

Condolence From: Tina Lisi, Ohio
Condolence: Dearest Mrs Plummer, Trudy, Mrs. P, Her beautiful bright smile, her soul bursting with her laughter, her compassion for her students, always felt like a personal hug, a genuine connection. I learned so much from her about so much more than the curriculum! Loved her banter with Mr. G, stopping to visit at her home left me giddy with happiness. She is always, always thought of with love foremost and fondly for the richness toward life she gave me. Thank you, Trudy!!

Sunday August 01, 2021

Condolence From: Shelly Esken-Talker, Litchfield Park, AZ
Condolence: Mrs. Plummer, I will never forget you as one of the greatest English teachers I had in high school. You found your place at CAHS and were not censored, thank goodness. We were taught to read all of the banned books and question everything. Your energy touched many of us at CAHS. Thank you for inviting me into your life. Your light will be passed on through the generations you've touched.

Shelly Esken-Talker
c/o 90 CAHS

Thursday April 29, 2021

Condolence From: S B, New York, NY
Condolence: The Internet – trite but true: The influence of a great teacher can never be erased.
TP - Your legacy will never pass away.
With thanks for more than you’ll ever know. But then again - you always knew…
“Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!” Bless you & all yours,

Friday April 23, 2021

Condolence From: Sharon Adams, Williamson, GA
Condolence: Ms. Plummer was my ELA teacher at CAHS in 1990. I will always remember her vibrance and kindness as a teacher. Rest on in Heaven Ms. Plummer!

Thursday April 15, 2021

Condolence From: Kacy Walker, Columbus, Ohio
Condolence: She was an amazing teacher. We never knew what was in store when we went to class. Humanities was always a treat when she taught. You will be missed. Rest In Peace.
CAHS Class of 1990

Monday April 12, 2021

Condolence From: Gamal Brown, Columbus, OH
Condolence: Peace be upon such an exceptional educator, student advocate, and sincere cultivator of educational thought. You've inspired so many. Your words spoke. Over my life will be remembered and cherished.

CAHS Class of 1990.

Sunday April 11, 2021

Condolence From: Michele Randles Norris, Marshville, NC
Condolence: Mrs. Plummer was my Senior English teacher at CAHS CO'90. I still remember the day she walked around with a book on her head to keep our attention. She was always honest and fair with her criticism. An amazing lady and will be dearly missed.

Sunday April 11, 2021

Condolence From: Jacqueline McNeil Watts, Charlotte, North Carolina
Condolence: I was on the teaching staff with Trudy, both at Northland High School and Columbus Alternative High School. I owe much of my professional success to her because as a first- year teacher in 1968, Trudy offered to me tips and encouragement that helped me to become a better teacher and person. I have the greatest respect for her, and I love her dearly. May you rest in peace, dear friend.

Wednesday April 07, 2021

Condolence From: Susan Slocum Thurston, Cumberland, Rhode Island
Condolence: Dear Nan, Dan, Grant and Laura and Families
On behalf of Slocums past and present, I send you our heartfelt sympathies. Your Mom an Dad were such are a part of my Dad an Mom's life in Painesville, Lake Erie and then in Westerville. I will never forget your Mom's twinkling laugh and all the dreams she launched for those who came in her presence. I hope the memories soften the sorrow and send all my love to you and your families.
With deepest sympathy,

Tuesday April 06, 2021

Condolence From: greg tear, Adirondack, NY
Condolence: Through extended family I have just learned of Trudy's passing. I did not know her well, but a little. Specifically, if memory serves, in regards to some special Iris from the Painseville farm that had roots in Germany, that she passed on to my mother. Those Iris now bless our home on Schroon lake. Evie was very passionate about them. I conversed with Trudy about them. After reading the obituary, it is no wonder that my parents, Dick and Evie Tear were so extremely fond of her.
I hope they are all enjoying each other's company now, in heaven. My love to all her family. Greg Tear

Tuesday April 06, 2021

Condolence From: Cheryl Robinson-Campbell, Dunedin, Florida
Condolence: The wonderful Mrs P was the first teacher I ever had who could hold a class completely spellbound each and every day.
She not only made me a “lifelong learner”, but also a better person. She would hold discussion groups at her home for small groups and, well, was just so inspiring. I was very lucky to see her about 20 years ago and express to her how much she had meant to my life. Rest In Peace, Mrs P. I will look forward to seeing you on the other side and once again hear you reading “Beowulf”! Cheryl Robinson Campbell
Northland High School, Class of ‘68

Monday April 05, 2021

Condolence From: Kelley Hurley, Hickory, North Carolina
Condolence: Mrs Plummer was my English teacher at Northland HS in the late 1970s. Her love of literature was infectious and I am a life-long reader partly due to her. I can still hear her raspy voice and see her clenched fist as she spoke passionately about a passage from a reading assignment. What a strong English Department Northland had! She also gave my husband advice on his medical school application a number of years later.
It is nice to know more about her life. She absolutely made a huge impact on her students and I'm sure her own family.

Monday April 05, 2021

Condolence From: Patrick ANDERSON, Columbus, OH
Condolence: Farewell to an amazing lady. She enhanced the lives of so many people!

Monday April 05, 2021

Condolence From: Randy Cooper, Loganville, Geogia
Condolence: One of my favorite teachers and roll models whine at Northland High School. (Class of 71”.

Her teaching was from the heart and touch thousands of lives. The world needs more like her.

Even now her memory brought a smile to this “old man”

Monday April 05, 2021

Condolence From: Suzanne Laird, Westerville, Ohio
Condolence: What a tiny dynamo!
Mrs. Plummer prepared us so well for university and for life. Receiving a paper back from her, all covered in red ink, only meant that she cared enough to make you be a better writer.
I will never forget her crying during Modern Poetry class at Northland in the 1970s, as she was forced by the administration to cut an “objectionable” poem out of every textbook before allowing us to use them. That sort of censorship influenced me in my own career as a teacher and school librarian.
She will not soon be forgotten.
Her family must be so proud!

Monday April 05, 2021

Condolence From: Will Perkins, COLUMBUS, OH
Condolence: Throughout my years of education, I was fortunate enough to have experienced many wonderful teachers, but only one commanded a level par excellence. That was Trudy Plummer. Trudy taught us that we could be judged fairly by constantly honing our writing craft. I will never forget this person, so small in physical stature, yet so respected by throngs of students who passed her way. Rest in Peace, “Teacher Extraordinaire.” Will "Mack" Perkins, Northland '68.

Monday April 05, 2021

Condolence From: Karen Barnett-Larkin, Westerville, Ohio
Condolence: Trudy was a wonderful lady whom I loved. She was the best teacher I've ever had. And I've had some really great teachers.
She made her students laugh out loud but also held us to very high standards and encouraged a love of literature.
I swear I think of her most every time I type something and wonder if she would be pleased.
I will always picture her sitting on her desk with her legs crossed, an enormous SMILE on her face and an unmatched enthusiasm for teaching.
And I will also always remember visiting her and Arn when they lived on Hoover and seeing their love for one another and their beautiful home and their collections of books, etc.
May you rest in peace dear Trudy.

Monday April 05, 2021

Condolence From: Jennifer Julian Ugron, Westerville, Ohio
Condolence: One of my favorite teachers from Northland High School. I remember the creative writing club picnic at her beautiful home and how impressed I was that she taught her cat how to skip. A wonderful lady. Loved her.

Sunday April 04, 2021

Condolence From: Jane Edwards, Worthington, OH
Condolence: I had the pleasure of having Mrs. Plummer for English at Northland HS in 1971. She was so spunky, sparkly, and most of all, kind. I remember her fondly.

Friday April 02, 2021

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