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Birgit, please accept my condolences for your loss. I am an old colleague of Frank's. We worked together at Franklin Consultants. I met Frank when I was applying for a job at Franklin Consultants. After the interview, he asked me if I had come from Kentucky. He was curious about my accent (which has a tinge of Hillbilly). That extended the interview another 30 minutes as Frank, with a fairly strong accent himself, taught me about the origins of my accent. Well he hired me as a bridge engineer, and that began 4 year long collaboration and friendship with Frank that has helped shape me as an engineer and guided me throughout my career. I use what he taught me, in not only engineering but a myriad of subjects because that is what we would talk about, all kinds of things. I am sure you have all heard of the story of flutterbyes, the story of the fork, and that we all wear pants because of Genghis Khan, and about the Angles in ancient Europe, for instance. Frank was a very intelligent, curious and friendly man and I will always remember him and miss him. Bon Voyage Frank.

Brad Jones

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Obituary for Frank Andersen

Frank Andersen 1928-2018

Frank Andersen

04/05/1928 - 12/27/2018

Paul Frank Andersen was born in Hillerød, Denmark on April 5th, 1928. He spent his early years in Hillerød and Copenhagen, Denmark.


After schooling and further education at the Polytechnical Institute of Denmark, Frank graduated with an M.S. degree in Civil and Structural Engineering. He met Birgit at a dance, and a year later they were married. Frank left Denmark in 1956 for the U.S., and Birgit followed 9 months later. Frank has been a licensed Civil Engineer in Ohio since 1960 and retired at age 79! Among his many bridge designs, the rehab of the Historical Y bridge in Zanesville Ohio was the highlight of his long career.


Besides being a good engineer, he was more than a good husband to Birgit, and father to his daughters Lisbet and Maja


Lisbet married Joseph Monson, they have two sons, Nickolas and Dylan. Maja married Thomas Patrick, and they have one son, Kai Erik. Frank is survived by his brother Peter and Peter’s two daughters, Kirsten and Julie and his sister Hanne. Peter and Hanne live in Florida. Frank was preceded in death by his parents Paul and AAse Andersen.


Frank enjoyed reading, studying French, and traveling-including trips back to Denmark. He especially loved classic European history and languages and making linguistic connections. 8 years ago a cockatiel landed on Frank’s shoulder in the backyard and from that time forward became Frank and Birgit’s buddy. Frank usually ended his day listening to Danish news streaming on Dr.Dk.


Westerville became Frank’s home for 49 years. He had good friends and good neighbors, and good colleagues. While living in Westerville he enjoyed attending the local music scene at Java Central, walking in Inniswood, exercising at the Rec Center and attending the Curtain Players with his wife Birgit. Frank was also past president and member of the Scandinavian club which was like a second family to him and Birgit.

Hvil I Fred, Frank.

Vil savne dig så længe jeg lever,

Birgit,Lisbet, Maja